Analab® offers equipment for washing, decontaminating and conditioning a wide variety of containers to be used for mineralising, transferring and storing samples in their liquid state. Washing with hot steam or at room temperature.

ETC EVO II (Easy Trace Cleaner Evolution II)

Decontamination and conditioning by acid steam condensation.This hot decontamination procedure, using an extremely pure acidic vapour condensate, without interaction with the laboratory air, does not introduce contaminants into the containers, which are treated in the same way. It is ideal for laboratories performing trace and ultra-trace analyses.

Available in different sizes :
L : Max height of the vessel 230mm
XL : Max height of the vessel 285mm
C : Custom made device

Exists in: ManualAutomatic

To discover the advantages of this washing method compared to soaking and microwave, please contact us.


This equipment allows individual washing of containers of various shapes. The washing containers are installed as condensers for very pure steam from the evaporation of standard quality acid.

 Many models available.


A simple and efficient cold conditioning device for your pipette tips or cone.

This decontamination procedure is perfectly adapted to the requirements of trace and ultra-trace analysis.

Available in two sizes :
M : for the conditioning of pipette tips from 200 to 1000µl
XL : for the conditioning of pipette tips from 5000 to 10000µl