Analab presents the ChemCob II, a totally acid-inert device that automates chromatographic separation procedures without risk of sample contamination and in a reproducible way.


Chemcob, your assistant for trace elements separation by gravity chromatography.

This robot reproduces your manual pipetting procedures, with contamination free liquid transfers, and excellent repeatability.

The coupling of the robot with the dedicated chromatographic platform allows you to process chemical separation of up to12 samples simultaneously.

Chemcob takes care of most of your chemical separations by gravity chromatography: the platform has been designed for the installation a large variety of columns, with beds ion-exchange resin from 2 to 16 cm high.

The software is easy to learn and use: you design rapidly your separation protocols on a virtual chromatographic platform. Once these protocols are installed, they can be executed by all of your students and collaborators: errors related to manual operations are eliminated.

Chemcob works for you, day and night, with the best reproducibility. It saves time for your team: no more continuous coming in and out of the clean lab, no more fastidious liquid dispensing to process the gravity chromatography.

Possibility of coupling with an evaporation station : please contact us