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Sample preparation for X ray Fluorescence

In partnership a group of X ray fluorescence experts :

with Fluxana - HD Elektronik

Whatever your appplication field :
- Wastes
- Metallurgy
- Silica and glassy materials
- Chemistry
- Environment
- Geochemistry
- Cements
- Etc...

We can offer you either a complete solution or custom services aimed at the optimization of your sample preparation.

Beeds, pellets, design and on-site set up of specific applications – Calibration services – Training seminars and a huge choice of primary or secondary reference materials

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Design of custom application and on-site set up
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Fluxana can develop a calibration package in their application laboratory ready to be installed with your analyser and for all types of applications. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

A calibration package includes :

- Sample preparation tools: fusion machine, mill, press
- Chemicals: flux, binder, grinding agence
- 1 set calibration standards ready for measurement
- 1 set drift correction samples
- 1 set validation samples
- Installation of measuring program on the xrf instrument of the customer
- in the lab on site
- Calibrating on site
- Validation with real customer samples
- Training of laboratory staff
- Customer acceptance
- After sales support from our experts in xrf
- Contribution in our round robin tests
- Cross check of routine results with our application laboratory

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Fusion of beeds
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Fusion technique is used to prepare sample preparation of X-Ray fluorescence when the accuracy on pellets is not good enough.

Fusion machine : version also available for solubilization

Fluxes : a range of fluxes adapted to your applications

Reference materials

Bead storage boxes


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A second method to prepare sample for X-Ray Fluorescence :

- Manual and automatic presses
- Compression molds
- Fluxes etc...

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Primary and secondary reference materials, calibration set, QC sets
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We can provide almost all CRM and RM available.
We have an online database which grows everyday with new reference materials. Please contact us for a free access to it.

If you cannot find the materials of your choice or have a specific request, don’t hesitate to contact us mentioning :
- The matrix
- The elements required with the min and max values
- The phase of the sample (bead, pellet..)
- Any other relevant information


For the analysis of liquids, please check the XRF consumable section.

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Training seminars
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Twice a year, we offer training seminars both theoretical and practical for sample preparation for XRF analysis by experts.

If you wish to be kept informed on the next seminar please use the ‘contact us’ section in the website or email us at infos @

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